Welcome to Shenzhen BlackRock IoT Co., Ltd.
Shenzhen BlackRock IoT Co., Ltd., is a high-tech loT company focusing on location service. Based on connections empowered by loT devices and SaaS service platform, and by applying techniques such as intelligent sensing, loT, cloud computing, big data, Aland mobile internet, BlackRock IoT offers total solutions that include hardware R&D and production, platform development and deployment, system integration, and much more. Our business reaches many fields, that is. Smart Fleet Management, Smart Electric Scooter Management, Smart Asset and Logistics Management, Smart Campus, Smart Livestock Management. Blackrock loT has been deeply rooted in software and hardware solutions based on location services for several years. Our main hardware includes: smart terminals for vehicles, e-scooters, assets and cargos, and the pets; and more. We have also established platforms for managing loT Hub accesses, connections (CMP), and hardware (AMS). We are in a leading position in terms of production scale, technical level, product quality, economic benefits, etc., and have competitive advantages with similar overseas products.
  • Smart Logistics & Asset Management

    BlackRock logistics solution uses smart terminals as sensor entry points to provide data to assist manager in transparent and visual all-node management during cargo and asset transport. Simultaneously, relying on large logistics to achieve "online logistics" helps traditional logistics enterprises speed up the intelligent transformation and obtain valuable management information, to make scientific decisions.

  • Smart Fleet Management

    Shenzhen BlackRock IoT Co., Ltd. provides loT solutions tailored for the loV industry,wherein smart loT terminals function as communication entry points to collect and transmit location,alarm,and other data of vehicles to the smart visual platform/APP.To date,the terminal+cloud combination can empower managers to monitor their fleets on video and get multidimensional data reports and RAl-based warnings,assisting in coaching drivers' behavior,and improving fleet management efficiency.

  • Smart Electric Scooter Management

    With the big data platform and smart terminals, BlackRock helps customers establish interconnection between man, vehicle and cloud. With solutions, BlackRock helps operational managers lessen pressure, traditional auto enterprises transform and cities crack down on theft of e-scooters and batteries , making moving around smart, safe and easy to date.

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